The birth of a child – a miracle as old as time.

For centuries, mothers have looked to Mother Nature to help care for them and their babies through pregnancy, birth and the post-natal phases. Herbs were carefully selected, brewed and made into teas, or steeped into oils to ease mother and child through this journey.

Today, Motherlove continues this age-old practice, sourcing quality herbs and natural oils, and transforming them into gentle, effective products that mothers can count on and incorporate easily into their lifestyles.

Motherlove products are recommended by lactation specialists and healthcare professional and never contain the top 8 most common allergens. Motherlove supports organic farming and sustainably sourced materials and is a Certified B Corp.

Motherlove – for you, your baby and the planet we share.



Organic & Pure

Motherlove Products are made with USDA certified organic herbs and are free of synthetic & artificial ingredients.

Safe & Effective

Motherlove products are recommended by healthcare professionals and trusted by families around the world.

Sustaining & Giving

Motherlove support sorganic farming and sustainably sourced materials. Proudly a Certified B Corp.