The Motherlove Difference

  • Tincture, not dried herbs – tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts that are more stable and easily absorbed by the body.
  • Available in herbal formulas, not single herbs – Many factors can affect breastfeeding. A formula can both better meet the needs of most mothers, and also have the benefits of balancing out the effects of different herbs.
  • Convenience – Perfect for the modern women, Motherlove capsules bring the benefit of liquid extract formula without the need to brew and consume copious amounts of tea.

From Tincture to Capsules

Tincture-making is a traditional method of extracting and preserving the active constituents of selected herbs by gently simmering them in grain alcohol.

The result is a concentrated herbal liquid extract that retains far greater effectiveness and stability than dried ground herbs that may have been treated over high heat, or left on the shelf for prolonged period of time.

Tinctures are:

  • Able to retain active constituents for a longer period of time than dried ground herbs
  • More easily absorbed by the body
  • Concentrated so mothers need a smaller quantity compared to dried herb products or nursing tea

All the above means that tinctures are generally more effective than dried herbs or nursing teas. 

Motherlove’s tinctures are available in alcohol-free tinctures. The alcohol is gently steamed off and replaced by vegetable glycerin. All Motherlove breastfeeding products in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei are alcohol-free. The only exception is Goat’s Rue tincture which does not come in an alcohol-free version. Goat’s Rue Capsule is however alcohol free.

In response to the modern mother’s needs, Motherlove also created capsule version of its popular tinctures. Each vegetarian capsule shell contains exactly 1 ml of tincture and can be easily carried in handbags and purses and taken while on the go. This allows the busy mom increased convenience and versality as she travels among multiple locations in her daily schedule.



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